At Flooring Providers, we're always looking to connect projects with innovative and proven flooring technologies that can help to reduce installation time and cost and make reclaim and recovery easier at the end of life.

Adhesive free flooring installation with IOBAC MAGTABS


Award-winning IOBAC MAGTABS® simplify the installation of carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and woven vinyl floors on raised access floors. Magnetic on one side and dry-tack on the other, the tabs magnetically 'cling' to the metal of the raised access floor panels and the carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile or woven vinyl is simply placed on top. The dry-tack side provides ample adhesion for the floor during use and can be easily removed from the floor's backing at end of life. The tabs also allow for rapid and easy uplift for access to underfloor services or the replacement of individual tiles.

The system has been proven in use on many installations including some using floors from our brands Burmatex and ege carpets, so we've every confidence in recommending IOBAC MAGTABS as a way to speed up installation and to improve take back and recovery options on projects. The tabs can also be used with IOBAC's Ezy-Install underlay or Express Cure and High Grab magnetised resins.

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